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Want to Guest Host the Gymchats?

We love hearing how everyone trains.

Gymchat 194 (Gymchat Bite 2) - Performance Training for Hockey (with Conor Doherty)

Fast, strong and resilient.

Finding Your Fitness In The Least Common Places

How it all began.


Hammer and Sprint training at the beach.

Anaerobic Exercise leads to HGH

Via LAHF : Mark Sisson has another nice post regarding the connection between lactic acid production and Human Growth Hormone. A good read....

Ice-Skating Skills and Drills

Looks great.

Sprinting Your Way to Total Leg Development

Sprinting is a much under-rated training tool. TC once again takes a look at the powers of sprinting to help work on the gluteal fold. Very interesting....

Timy Fairfield on Sprinting

Climber Timy Fairfield takes a nice look at sprint training over on Ringtraining. His own site is also well worth a look....