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Light Exercise After Meal Lowers Post Prandial Triglycerides, Study Finds

Try doing some of your training after you eat.

Looking At : May 27, 2012

During the past week we've discussed a number of great links; on Google+, Twitter, Nuzzel and so on. Here are a few of my favourites.

Developing your Own Training Routine for Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts is such an intensive fitness activity in terms of both physical and mental exhaustion that one has to train extensively in a number of areas in order to be adequately prepared. One has to have incredible endurance, enough at least to stay up and alert at all times. Being able to aptly utilize brunt force is also a huge advantage, so one has to be able to strengthen his body to such a level that he can draw said force, and not only that, but he must learn to concentrate well enough to focus that force on a particular target. If you're enticed by the allure of Mixed Martial Arts and want to prepare yourself for the action by following an all-inclusive regimen to get your body up to speed, you'll need to do more than just train for the matches themselves. You'll need to amplify the strength and durability of your own body and mental state, and to do that you'll have to incorporate several different strategic areas into your training routine.

Getting to Know : Personal Trainer Vic Magary

Inspirational guy.

The Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When You Create a Periodized Training Program

An excerpt from the book: The Flexible Periodization Method. Enjoy.

Blast from the Past : Recovery Methods

A few of the recovery techniques we've looked at over the years.

5 Ways to Maximize Your Workout

Squat.How do you make the most of your time under the bar? Joe has a few ideas.

TGIF : weekly round-up (WE Fri 3 Apr 09)

Ian ‘Mac’ Batchelor.A great week here on Straight to the Bar. The highlights :...

The SpeedFit New Speedboard

This is a very interesting idea - a curved, non-motorised treadmill....


Blast from the Past : Unusual Equipment - Treadmills

For parents who think kids should exercise rather than play - Gymkids.Over the past five years this site's amassed an enormous amount of content. To help you find the highlights, I'll be taking a wander through the archives each Sunday. This week - Unusual Equipment - Treadmills. There's certainly some unusual workout equipment on the market (just take a look at the many varieties of rowed tricycles), and treadmills are no exception. Here are a few of the more creative versions we've looked at over the years.

How to Prevent Shin Splints


Treadmill Abdominal Work

What do you get when you mix a treadmill with a PowerWheel? This.

Resolutions and Goal Setting

What've you got planned for next year?


There have been some unusual treadmill designs on here over the years, but Fight Geek just pointed me to one of the strangest : The TreadMobil....

Bandara Targets Treadmill World Record

Treadmill running. Photo by maHidoodi.Sri Lankan H. M. S. K. W. Bandara enjoys the occasional run on a treadmill, and has his sights firmly set on a particular world record - the greatest distance run in 24 hours. The fun...

Blast from the Past : Recovery

A couple of weeks ago we took a look at the many benefits of sleep following a hard session in the gym. This time we'll be peering at the numerous other recovery techniques.


Oh Ladies, Time To Start Strength Training...

Why, and how to get started.

TGIF : weekly round-up (WE Fri 22 Feb 08)

Another great week here at Straight to the Bar. A few highlights :...