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Video for Gymchat 211 - Training Approaches (Roundtable)

What, How and Why.

iStats Fitness

Definitely one to watch.


A race-results database.

Technology and Fitness : Keeping up to date

This is the 5th and final article in this month's series on Technology and Fitness; a collaboration with Run to Win's Blaine Moore - Keeping up to date. No matter where you train or how long you've been doing it;...

Two New Training Blogs

Two more sites for your daily reading pleasure.

20 of the Best : Fitness Blogs

Where do you start? Try these.

Fresh Blogs, Get Your Fresh Blogs

A few new blogs appeared here recently, including the following: Dustin Silveri. Dustin switched to kettlebell training exclusively following knee surgery, and the blog details his workouts during rehabilitation and follow-up phases. Grab the feed Vladimir Rakic. Vlad is currently...

Using Pulse Rate to Determine Rest Break Length

How long do you rest between sets?

Muscle Ventures Podcasts

Everything from diet to posing practice.

RSS Feeds

I've been using an RSS reader/news aggregator (RSSReader is my current favourite) for some time now to keep track of most of my regular reads. As the number of weight-training weblogs seems to be increasing exponentially of late, this certainly...