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Video for Gymchat 251 - Gaining Maximum Functional Muscle Mass (Bud Jeffries)

Gain size, gain strength.

3 Things You MUST Know About Sandbag Training

The essentials.

Zercher Carry

Good stuff.

Blast from the Past : Squat Variations

Great ways to switch up your leg workouts.

Innovative Training : Band Suspended Weight

Not just for bench.

Zercher Squats with Tree Trunk

No equipment? No problem....

Full Range Zercher Squatting

It's always great to see someone performing complete Zercher Squats. Nice one Max....

Real Stone Lifting

There are many ways to get 'in shape'.

Blast from the Past : The Forgotten Lifts

Tried any of these lately?

TGIF : weekly round-up (WE Fri 21 Mar 08)

An excellent week here at Straight to the Bar.

From the Archives : The Zercher Squat

The first in a series of Timeless Exercises.

Heavy Rack Zercher Squats

My elbows hurt just thinking about it.

From the Archives : Holding the bar in the Front Squat

Mike Boyle's articles have a habit of encouraging a new viewpoint on things, and this article from September 2006 is no exception. Shortly afterwards I found myself thinking hard about the Front Squat; particularly the method of holding the bar.

Conan's Wheel

Good fun.

The Zercher Squat

Superb exercise.

Ed Zercher

Zercher Squats are one of the many cruel and unusual exercises developed by Californian strongman Ed Zercher (pictured here doing an unsupported leg press) these are done with the bar resting in the crook of your arms, rather than above the back (if you're still not quite sure how they're done, take a look at the BioMechanics Lab site).

Holding the Bar in the Front Squat

How do you hang on to it? Like this.

First Week of Workouts on Biphasic Sleep

Pigeon.After a week on the biphasic routine, I was more than a little keen to see what the workouts were like.

A Gathering of Old-Time Favourites

Some of the older exercises I occasionally use.

Quick Z-squat session

After noticing this morning that Kris recently tried a few Zercher squats off the floor, I decided to sample similar delights from the lowest pins in the rack - as far down as I can get at the moment. This...

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