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A great way to get a little grip work.

Road to Strong

Its only 110kg per hand.

Suspension Training 101

A great look at an incredibly versatile form of training.

Why Conditioning is King

What exactly is conditioning? Should you be doing some? Over to Dean.

Double Blob Farmers Walk

Good stuff.

Pleasure Spiked with Pain : Training for the One Finger Lift

With certain feats comes the assurance of pain. And a challenge.

TGIF : weekly round-up (WE Fri 13 Mar 09)

Harness Lift by Thomas Topham.A great week here on Straight to the Bar. The highlights :...

Tire Farmers Walk

Jason Trott shows off another great tyre exercise, the Tire Farmers Walk. Good stuff....

Blast from the Past : Incredible World Records

just a few of the incredible world records we've seen set - and broken - over the years.

What Really Works? Effective Strength Training Principles

The Fundamentals.

Spicing Up Your Workout

Sometimes you need to shake things up.

Derek Boyer sets 160kg Farmers Walk Record

A new World Record? Fantastic.

From the Archives : 10 Questions with Strongman Mike Gill

I'm travelling for a couple of weeks (back around March 15). In the meantime, here are a few hidden gems from the archives.

Tex Henderson Farmers Walks Inch Dumbbells

Now this is good stuff. 'Tex' Henderson using a couple of Inch Dumbbell replicas for a Farmers' Walk. Love it....

The Need to Increment Resistance During Strongman Training

Large group = quick adjustments.

10 Questions with Strongman Mike Gill

Time to dive a little deeper.

DIY Equipment Competition : Let the Voting Begin

Ready to make your own? Great.

The Home Gym 2007

Wonderful place to train.

Farmers Walk bars

The DIY Equipment competition keeps growing. As promised, Clay Johnson has completed his Farmers' Walk bars (for only $10, I might add). Here's how they were put together (from Clay) : I made a set of Farmer's Walk Bars for...

DIY Equipment Ideas

Stuck for ideas? Try these.