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Video for Gymchat 239 - How to Get HUGE! (Craig Bongelli)

Thanks again to everyone who watched and sent in questions for the discussion Gymchat 239 - How to Get HUGE! [with Strongman and Strength Coach Craig Bongelli, joined by Personal Trainer (and Strength Athlete) Josh Hewett] - much appreciated. If you haven't seen it yet (or simply want to go over a particular point again), here's the entire video.

Looking At : Week Ending Jan 26, 2014

Echo Point, Blue Mountains. During the past week we've discussed a number of great links; on Google+, Twitter, Facebook and so on. Here are a few of my favourites.

Defining Goals which are As Difficult as Possible

Yep, that's me.We're currently scheduling a Gymchat Roundtable on the Measuring, Monitoring and Definition of Goals. We'll be talking about it in a strength-training context of course, but the same general approach applies to anything. If you'd like to join everyone on the panel, just drop Josh a line. We'll take the first 10.

Gymchat 183 - Goals & Goal Setting (with Barry Gibson)

How do you begin?

Gymchat 179 - Interval Training

What's it all about?

Do You Believe in the Human Potential?

How fast?

Visualization : The Vision Wall

Girlwith Noname.No matter what your strength-training goals are, a Vision Wall will help keep you on target.

The Bannister Approach to Goal-Setting

Bannister in the lead.Got a new piece up at The Change Blog - Change Your Thinking, Change Your Fitness. Goal-setting the Roger Bannister way.

The Dark Side of Goals

Lost in a corn maze. Photo by chynna67.Over at TDA Training, Fight Geek looks at the 'Dark Side' of goal-setting - being realistic. Love it....

Goals and Toilet Seats

Gutsy display.If the title suggests to you that this might be an article about squatting, well, you'd be wrong. Surprisingly, Dan John writes about goal setting. And toilet seats.