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NeoRhythm (Neurostimulation Headband)

Interesting idea.

Swytch (eBike Conversion Kit)

This looks great.

Mind-Machine Interfaces (Isaac Arthur)

Fascinating topic.

Handy Gym (Portable Inertial Trainer)

Interesting idea.

Looking At : Oct 6, 2019

During the past week we've discussed a number of great links; on Facebook, Twitter, in The Daily 'Paper' and so on. Here are a few of my favourites.

Fridge Eye (Smart Fridge Camera)

Very interesting idea.

Intake (Magnetic Nasal Band)

Interesting device.

Zero Breeze Mark Ⅱ (Battery-Powered Portable AirCon)

Love training outdoors?

Dr Pocket (Portable TENS Massager)

Interesting idea.

Spryng (Post-Workout Muscle Compression Device)

Looks great.

MAXFIT (Portable Gym)

Looks great.

Emergy (Torque-Resistance Exerciser)

Interesting idea.

URGOnight (Brain Training For Sleep)

Interesting idea.

The Matrix PowerWatch 2 (Self-Charging Fitness Watch

Looks great.

Cybershoes (Virtual Reality Footwear)

Great idea.

RIDM (Fat & Muscle Tracking)

Interesting device.

The Future of Fitness : Health & Fitness Predictions for 2019

A few thoughts.

Looking At : Nov 25, 2018

What we were talking about this week on Facebook, Twitter (especially the lists!) and Nuzzel.

NB : if you'd like to be one of the Moderators for any of the above sites, let me know.

Atmotube 2.0 (Portable Air Pollution Monitor)

Interesting idea.

DreamOn (Sleep 'Watch')

Interesting idea.

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