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What are Bumper Plates?

What? Why? How?

The 'Right' Way to Grip The Bar (Jeff Cavaliere)

Elbow pain when lifting? These changes make a huge difference.

Hierarchy for the Olympic Lifts (Catalyst Athletics)

Great information.

Lessons 3 & 4 of David Webster's 'The Complete Physique Course' [Kindle Edition]

The goodness continues.

How To Press Things Overhead (Stones, Barbell, Logs etc)

Great tutorial.

How To Hook Grip

Fairly painless if done correctly.

How to Pick Stuff Up (Mark Rippetoe)

It might seem incredibly simple, but if your training includes stones/logs/odd objects; watch this video.

Learning the Clean & Jerk (with Meg Gallagher, Kristin Pope & Max Aita)

Nice one.

Jefferson Curl

Much more difficult than she makes it look.

Beginners Guide to Snatching

Nice one Meg.

Weightlifting 101 - The Basics

The first part of a very promising series.

Meet Kristin Pope (Juggernaut Weightlifting)

'Cut as little as possible'.

The Weightlifting Life (Catalyst Athletics)

Looks great.

The Hook Grip

What, why and how.

Tutorial : The Hook Grip

Painful for a while, stronger for your entire life.

The Slide And Drag

Keep it close.

Kaillie Humphries' Bobsleigh Training

How the various physical aspects of training are put together.

Olympic Weightlifting - A Complete Guide for Athletes & Coaches [Kindle Edition]

Superb book.

Learning to Press

Wonderful instruction.

Checking Out : Olympic Weightlifting for Masters

Looks great.

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