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Nerve Repair = More Personal Training Clients

When will it be possible to repair/replace damaged nerves?

Gymchat 258 - Questioning Fitness Authority : Your Trainer Might Be Wrong (Bud Jeffries)

When to listen, when to question.

Video for Gymchat 234 - Fitness Industry Posers (Bill Piche)

Thanks again to everyone who watched and sent in questions for the discussion Gymchat 234 - Fitness Industry Posers [with Powerlifter Bill Piche, joined by Personal Trainer (and Strength Athlete) Josh Hewett] - much appreciated. If you haven't seen it yet (or simply want to go over a particular point again), here's the entire video.

Gymchat 234 - Fitness Industry Posers (Bill Piche)

Bill Piche.When you're looking for a Personal Trainer, what sorts of things do you consider, and expect to see? Is a little time 'under the bar' important, or are you more concerned with them knowing what they're talking about? This week we're tackling this area - discussing the value of education vs experience when it comes to training. How to evaluate what's on offer, and the types of things to consider when choosing someone to work with. Helping us tackle this one is Powerlifter Bill Piche, joined by Personal Trainer (and Strength Athlete) Josh Hewett. Fantastic. If you've got questions/comments for Bill or Josh, just swing by the event page for this Gymchat. And if you'd like to point your friends/colleagues to the discussion, just use the 'share' button at the top of that page. The more the merrier.

Gym Marketing Lessons From Your Favorite Sex Shop

Learning what works from a somewhat unlikely source.

Eliminating the Lug Nuts: How to Find a Good Trainer

It's about more than the money.So how do you find the right trainer for you? Well, it is easier than you think. With a little thought, the right assumptions, and a few questions for your potential trainer, you can vastly increase your chances of signing up with a good personal trainer.