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Looking At : Oct 1, 2017

During the past week we've discussed a number of great links; on Google+, Twitter, Nuzzel and so on. Here are a few of my favourites.

The Gym Bag Essential that Could Take You to the Next Level

A fantastic grip accessory - the towel.

Video for Gymchat 245 - Grip Strength (Jedd Johnson)

Superb conversation on Grip Strength. If you're ready to get seriously strong, watch this.

Why Bending Steel Could Be the Best Thing that Ever Happened to Your Kettlebell Snatch or Deadlift

A great way to train.

Strength Training Changed My Life

Joe Hashey.Strength training has been one of the largest influences on my life over the last decade. It has built me up....and humbled me all in the same sessions. Without training, things would be A LOT different.

Do You Believe in the Human Potential?

How fast?

Unusual Goals Require Unusual Measures

How do you train for something like that?

Hammering Strength into the Wrists

The importance of wrist strength, and a great way to get it - with a sledgehammer.

Getting to Know : Chris Rider

A truly amazing guy.

Grip Training for Athletes


A New Model for Training Between Starts

Pitched. Photo by psmithy.In Eric Cressey's latest newsletter he takes a peek into the world of baseball training; specifically the routines developed for pitchers between games. Very interesting....

Hip Rotation, Core Strength and Baseball

Justin Morneau.Eric Cressey takes a look at a couple of the abilities on display during the MLB Homerun Derby the other night. Good stuff....

LA Baseball Photos

Getting some air. Photo by Events Listed.Baseball fan? Check out Events Listed's photos over on Flickr. Good stuff....

Nice Catch

Via Blaine : whether you're a baseball fan or not, there's some serious skill behind this catch. Enjoy....

Adam Bender

Ross points to another great inspirational video - this time of Adam Bender enjoying a little baseball. Think the amputation has slowed him down? Think again....

7 Reasons to Start Bending Nails

Time for the crushdown.

Pete Gray

Pete Gray. Inspirational baseballer Pete Gray....

An Impeccable Mind

Via Pitching Tips for Baseball Success : a very interesting look at the 'impeccable mind' of the Tampa Bay Rays' Andy Sonnanstine. Although they're obviously discussing baseball here, his approach applies to almost any physical endeavour.

Take Me Out To The Buffet

Hot dogs, popcorn and soda.

Flushing the decelerators

Interesting snippet of baseball band training....