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Finding Your Fitness In The Least Common Places

Push-ups on board.

I have been working out since I was ten. I was not necessarily lifting weights or doing 100 crunches a day.

Strength Training Changed My Life

Joe Hashey.Strength training has been one of the largest influences on my life over the last decade. It has built me up....and humbled me all in the same sessions. Without training, things would be A LOT different.

From the Archives : The Power of Hindsight

Hindsight.I'm travelling for a couple of weeks (back around June 8). In the meantime, here are a few hidden gems from the archives.

The Power of Hindsight

A few things I've picked up over the years.

Jungles, 12 Steppers, and UFOs: Join the Online Strength Community!

Welcome to the Jungle.

The Bodyweight Aficionado's Guide to Gear

A few extras that can add a whole lot of possibilities.

Grip Training for Athletes

Hold...Athletes need to be able to close their hands quickly and with great strength. Joe Hashey looks at some very creative ways to train exactly that. A great read.

B-Ball Rollups/Rollouts

A simple variation on one of the rollout exercises : using a basketball. Nice one....

The Art and Science of Wheelchair Basketball

Wheelchair sports. Photo by gina pina.If the movie Murderball opened your eyes to the world of wheelchair sports, you may want to check this out : the New York Times looks at Paul Schulte and The Art and Science of...

Basketball Myosource Band Training

Another look at training with the Myosource bands - this time on the court....

TGIF : weekly round-up (WE Fri 28 Mar 08)

Another great week.

Jashaun Agosto

Here's a name to remember - future basketball superstar Jashaun Agosto. Incredible....

What Does a 50" Vertical Look Like?

At 6'5", well, he gets a bit of air.

Basketball Conditioning

Great read.

New from the Diesel Crew - the Spray Series

Sports-specific strength and conditioning.

TGIF : Weekly Round-up (WE Fri 9 Nov 07)

Another great week.

Triathlon Training Frenzy

Cooking, Basketball and, of course, Triathlons.

Just an inch

If you're a basketball fan and missed this weekend's incredible Pistons vs Cavs game, there are some great photos up on Cleveland's site. Definitely worth a look....

No Idea is Original

Thought-provoking stuff.


A miniature treadmill, stepper and stationary cycle.