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30 Day Challenge : Becoming a Morning Person

Is it possible to switch from being a 'night owl' to an early riser? Yep.

Resources for Twitterchat 106 - Recovery : Improving Monophasic and Biphasic Sleep

Maximize recovery, improve performance.

Blast from the Past : Recovery Methods

Napping.If Bill's post on Contrast Baths got you thinking about your recovery work, you're not alone. Here are just a few of the other recovery techniques we've looked at over the years.

40 Facts on Sleep (and More)

40 Facts on Sleep.The world of sleep research is one which never, well, sleeps. Here are just a few of the sleep-related things I've noticed recently.

Biphasic Sleep Resources

A recent comment on one of Steve Pavlina's forums indicated that the information covering Biphasic Sleep is somewhat lacking. Sadly, it is; these however are good places to get started.

Biphasic Sleeping Update

It's now been a little over two months since I switched to biphasic sleeping, and I have no regrets at all. It's great.

Napping in the Afternoon

Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night.

- Edgar Allen Poe

Biphasic Sleep : 30 Day Summary

The transition to this superb method of sleeping.

Biphasic sleep : Day 29

A bit of oversleeping, but only 40 minutes. I'm not at all concerned by that; particularly following yesterday's change to the routine. Still, one major observation can be made regarding going out in the evening (during the scheduled nap time):...

Biphasic sleep : Day 28

Keeping to the 'week of waking before the alarm', I shaved a massive 35 minutes off this morning. Not quite sure why; though as I'm not currently feeling any negative effects I'm not overly concerned. Will see if things change...

Biphasic Sleep : Day 27

Once again I woke up before the alarm (by about 30 minutes this time); however I decided to roll over and go back to sleep. When the alarm sounded I wasn't sleeping terribly deeply, and getting out of bed wasn't...

Biphasic Sleep : Day 26

As per yesterday, I woke up this morning before the alarm (beat it by about 20 mins), with the day all-but-planned. This state of being 'ready to go' is fantastic - highly productive. A beautiful thing. Following nap Not bad....

Biphasic Sleep : Day 25

I must have been pretty close to waking when the alarm went off this morning. Usually when the alarm sounds my thoughts are along the lines of 'ugh, what?' - this morning I was going step-by-step through the day's major...

Biphasic Sleep : Day 24

Just under 4.5 hours (woke up naturally about 10 minutes before the alarm). Feeling very refreshed. It's incredible what a difference one day can make. Very nice. Following nap One of the rare times that waking naturally perfectly coincided with...

Biphasic Sleep : Day 23

As Mike's been finding lately, trying to sleep in the daytime just isn't the same. After 90 minutes of lying in bed thinking about sleep, I decided to get back up and wait until I was ready to collapse before...

Biphasic Sleep : Day 22

Slept a little under 3 hours; woke naturally. All feels well, other than the fact that I'm excruciatingly tired. Another rather lengthy day ensues. Following nap Did it again - another 6 hour marathon. Today's weariness even ruled out a...

Biphasic Sleep : Day 21

Not quite in Zombie mode, but near enough. Last night included some late (even by my standards) work on the PC, and I didn't end up getting to bed until a little before 05:00. In order to wake up at...

Biphasic Sleep : Day 20

Serious bedhead. Judging by the way I feel there were no more than 3 hours of decent quality sleep in that 4.5 hours. That isn't too bad - although this afternoon's squats should be interesting. Following nap One of the...

Biphasic Sleep : Day 19

That was a luxurious 4.5 hours' sleep - at least it would've been if I could stop thinking about the various things I'd be doing today. I probably got 3 hours' total out of that 4.5 (yes, I should've written...

Biphasic Sleep : Day 18

90 minutes proved quite enough.