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30 Day Challenge : Becoming a Morning Person

Is it possible to switch from being a 'night owl' to an early riser? Yep.

Resources for Twitterchat 106 - Recovery : Improving Monophasic and Biphasic Sleep

Maximize recovery, improve performance.

Blast from the Past : Recovery Methods

A few of the recovery techniques we've looked at over the years.

40 Facts on Sleep (and More)

A few of the sleep-related things I've noticed recently.

Biphasic Sleep Resources

More Biphasic Sleeping goodness.

Biphasic Sleeping Update

A few things I've noticed lately.

Napping in the Afternoon

Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night.

- Edgar Allen Poe

Biphasic Sleep : 30 Day Summary

The transition to this superb method of sleeping.

Biphasic sleep : Day 29

A bit of oversleeping, but only 40 minutes. I'm not at all concerned by that; particularly following yesterday's change to the routine. Still, one major observation can be made regarding going out in the evening (during the scheduled nap time):...

Biphasic sleep : Day 28

That was an interesting test.

Biphasic Sleep : Day 27

Once again I woke up before the alarm (by about 30 minutes this time); however I decided to roll over and go back to sleep. When the alarm sounded I wasn't sleeping terribly deeply, and getting out of bed wasn't...

Biphasic Sleep : Day 26

As per yesterday, I woke up this morning before the alarm (beat it by about 20 mins), with the day all-but-planned. This state of being 'ready to go' is fantastic - highly productive. A beautiful thing. Following nap Not bad....

Biphasic Sleep : Day 25

I must have been pretty close to waking when the alarm went off this morning. Usually when the alarm sounds my thoughts are along the lines of 'ugh, what?' - this morning I was going step-by-step through the day's major...

Biphasic Sleep : Day 24

Just under 4.5 hours (woke up naturally about 10 minutes before the alarm). Feeling very refreshed. It's incredible what a difference one day can make. Very nice. Following nap One of the rare times that waking naturally perfectly coincided with...

Biphasic Sleep : Day 23

As Mike's been finding lately, trying to sleep in the daytime just isn't the same. After 90 minutes of lying in bed thinking about sleep, I decided to get back up and wait until I was ready to collapse before...

Biphasic Sleep : Day 22

Slept a little under 3 hours; woke naturally. All feels well, other than the fact that I'm excruciatingly tired. Another rather lengthy day ensues. Following nap Did it again - another 6 hour marathon. Today's weariness even ruled out a...

Biphasic Sleep : Day 21

Not quite in Zombie mode, but near enough. Last night included some late (even by my standards) work on the PC, and I didn't end up getting to bed until a little before 05:00. In order to wake up at...

Biphasic Sleep : Day 20

Serious bedhead. Judging by the way I feel there were no more than 3 hours of decent quality sleep in that 4.5 hours. That isn't too bad - although this afternoon's squats should be interesting. Following nap One of the...

Biphasic Sleep : Day 19

That was a luxurious 4.5 hours' sleep - at least it would've been if I could stop thinking about the various things I'd be doing today. I probably got 3 hours' total out of that 4.5 (yes, I should've written...

Biphasic Sleep : Day 18

90 minutes proved quite enough.