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10 'Rules' For Calisthenics (FitnessFAQs)

Great information.

How To Begin Training (Without Equipment) At Home (Thenx)

As much as I love the home gym, it's always great to see how easy it is to get started without one.

Next Level Strength - The Ultimate Rings and Parallettes Program (Al and Danny Kavadlo)

Looks great.

Calisthenics Strength 'Rules' (Calisthenicmovement)

Great Information.

Calisthenics Progressions (Calisthenicmovement)

Great information.

The Hollow Body Hold (& Variations) vs Sit-ups (Calisthenic Movement)

Interesting exercise.

100 Push Ups A Day (THENX)

Great way to get a few push-ups in.

How To Start Calisthenics

Very interesting suggestions.

How to Muscle Up

Fantastic tutorial.

The Best Way To Grip The Human Flag

Nice one Ed.

How To Perform The Clap Dip

Looking for a challenge? Try a few of these.

Calisthenics Glossary

Nice one.

Get Strong

Looks great.

44 Best Calisthenics Exercises

Some wonderful exercises here.

Street Workout (Al and Danny Kavadlo)


Training For Life

Feel great, all the time.

Checking Out : Rings of Power (Mike Gillette)

An ideal starting point.

Checking Out : The Strength Calisthenics Certification (SCC)

This sounds fantastic.

How They Got Started : John Keating

How the enigmatic John Keating began.

Zen Mind, Strong Body

Zen Mind, Strong Body.This looks great. Zen Mind, Strong Body is an insight to the training philosophy driving the incredible Al Kavadlo; in the form of a number of articles he's written over the years. Really looking forward to it. I'll share a few thoughts once I've finished it here; in the meantime, a brief comment from none other than Paul Wade : Zen Mind, Strong Body expertly covers the methods, the moves, the nutrition, the equipment, the benefits, the philosophy and even the culture of bodyweight training. If you are a newbie uncertain about whether to explore bodyweight, or an advanced athlete looking for a new take on the most ancient conditioning method, this is now the definitive go-to book. Good stuff. Al Kavadlo's Zen Mind, Strong Body.

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