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Keg + Chain Lifting

This is an interesting variation on the humble keg lift - use the hub. Nice one....

Lifts I Never Did, Used to Do, or Just Started Doing Again

Chain Bench Press.Mike Boyle takes a very interesting look at several of the common (particularly in Powerlifting circles) exercises and variations which have moved in and out of his routines over the years. A good read....

Dynamic Ab Work

This is a great way to incorporate chains into your ab training. Good stuff.

Kettlebell Deficit Deadlifts

UPDATE 04/01/16 : The video below was available when this post was written, but has since been removed by the user. Apologies for that. If you want to make sure you're always kept in the loop when we put new content on this site, subscribe to the RSS feed or grab the weekly Strength & Fitness Newsletter. cheers, Scott The Diesel Crew demonstrates a couple of great ways to incorporate kettlebells in deadlift training - including Kettlebell Deficit Deadlifts with Chains. Nice one.

Chain X Push-ups

Possibly the best way to add weight to push-ups - chains.

Now That's a Chain

Mike Gill dragging the chain. Photo by Michael Ambrose. Via Chasing Kaz : Mike Gill dragging a serious length of chain....

The Swearing Push-up (with stability ball and chains)

An aptly-named exercise. Give it a go, and you'll quickly see why.

Kneeling Jumps With Chains

Interesting combination.

Expanding Your Training

Via Chasing Elite : a great article over on the Diesel Crew's site - SSgt Glass' Expanding Your Training [.pdf, 700kb]. SSgt Adam Glass discusses the use of a beautifully simple home gym setup; centred around kettlebells, chains and bands....

Accommodating Resistance or Air Pressure?

Joe DeFranco briefly tackles an interesting question - bands and chains or air pressure? His response (in part) : The "consistent resistance" that these machines market as a positive feature is actually detrimental to athletes. I say this because I...