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Light Exercise After Meal Lowers Post Prandial Triglycerides, Study Finds

Try doing some of your training after you eat.

Happy Bastille Day

What is the Deal with Red Wine?

Happy Easter - Now Eat the Whole Damn Egg!

All of the fat, all of the protein.

Is Red Meat Deadly?

A defense.

8 Forgotten Bodybuilding Foods

Tried these lately?

Strength Training 101 -- Get Strong, Build Muscle, Lose Fat

Squat. Photo by HelloPitty, in the SttB Flickr Group.Just getting started? Great.

Is Chocolate the Ultimate Testosterone Booster?

A whole load of health benefits.

Four Steps for Reducing Your Triglycerides

What, Why and How.

TGIF : weekly round-up (WE Fri 1 Feb 08)

An insanely wet and stormy week here at Straight to the Bar.

Cholesterol : Good vs Bad

Check out Mark's Definitive Guide to Cholesterol - a good read. Photo via sugarfreak....

Sudden Death During Exercise

The Science of Sport takes a look at a phenomenon which has attracted its fair share of media attentioned recently - sudden death during exercise. Although it's a terrible thing, the article makes a very important point : regular exercise...