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Ferocious Fitness (Phil Ross, Marty Gallagher)

This looks great.

The Straight to the Bar Guide to Neck Training

Yes, that's a 1,500lb rack pull. Incredible.I love a dose of neck work. Not only is it incredibly functional, a solid yoke looks downright impressive.

Primero BJJ

Primero.Which would you choose? Would you rather train at a gym with world class instructors even if it had a bad vibe? Or would you rather train in a gym with instruction that's less-than-stellar, but where you felt right at home?

Better Human

Fitness with a definite combat focus.

Dead or Alive

A great read.

What's Your Style?

Matt Shannon is an author, combat athlete and general fitness fanatic. A great place to start is his blog; or grab one of the many videos scattered around his site (such as this one - a quick rope pull-up demo [streaming, 988kb .flv download] ).

Atienza Kali

Discipline of the blade.

Piper Videos

The Piper System in action.