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Weighted Jumps

Great combination Johnny.

How They Got Started : Keith Lorino

How the enigmatic Keith Lorino got started, and back into it.

Dumbbell Tricep Extensions against Mini Bands

Very interesting combination.

Looking Forward To : Jedd Johnson's Inch Dumbbell DVD

Really looking forward to this one.

How They Got Started : Matt Davidson

How the enigmatic Matt Davidson began.

Looking At : Aug 11, 2013

During the past week we've discussed a number of great links; on Google+, Twitter, The 'Paper' and so on. Here are a few of my favourites.

What is More Effective for Building Muscle Mass: Intensity or Volume?

Few repetitions with heavy weights or more repetitions with light weights?

DIY : How to Build a Wrist Roller

Looking for a DIY project for the weekend? Have a go at this.

My Home Gym Story

New space, new possibilities.

Why I Started Training

A bit of history.

Shrugs - The Most Misunderstood Exercise in North America?

There's more to it than you might think.

The Iron Guru - Vince Gironda

The original low-carb bodybuilder.

Getting to Know : Personal Trainer Vic Magary

Inspirational guy.

Ultimate Masters World's Strongest Man 2011

Great competition.


A great way to get a little grip work.

UK Strength and Power Series

One day, 7 events.

Dan Hardisky : My Weight Success Story

Dan Hardisky.I guess the old saying "98 lb weakling" is true to some extent, as least for me. In school, (60's) I was underweight and didn't play any sports. Most of the kids were more mature than me, although I could match them academically.

70 of the Best : 7 Years of Straight to the Bar

This site - Straight to the Bar - has been around for an incredible 7 years (the first post was on Jan 17th, 2004), and to say I'm grateful is a gross understatement.

Thank you.

Double Kettlebell Workouts: For the Best of Both Worlds

An interview with Strength Coach Troy Anderson.

The Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When You Create a Periodized Training Program

Karsten Jensen.This article is an excerpt from the book: The Flexible Periodization Method. Enjoy. How do I know that these are the Top 5 Mistakes? I know that these are the Top 5 Mistakes, because I and many other trainers and coaches I have conferred with have made them! Mistakes are a natural part of learning and only count as true mistakes if you keep repeating them.

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