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Stanley 'Stanless Steel' Pleskun

From the upcoming film Strongman.

Planet B-Boy

Here's a quick clip from last year's Planet B-Boy breakdancing documentary. Nice one....

Man on Wire

Looking at Philippe Petit's incredible 1974 tightrope walk between the twin towers.

Cole Miller Documentary

Good stuff.

Iron and Chalk Powerlifting Documentary

The Orlando Barbell team in action.

Movie Review : Bigger, Stronger, Faster

Is it still cheating if everybody's doing it?

Sambo: Russia's Extreme Fighting

Great series of videos.

Top of Thailand

Via Fight Geek : Top of Thailand - a Muay Thai documentary looking at the sport's new champions in training. Good stuff....

American Top Team: Blood Brothers Documentary

Via Fight Geek : An interesting look at MMA....

The Boys are Back in Town : the A-Team Movie

Finally in pre-production.

Half a Soulja

Via the Complete Running Network : I love seeing stories like this. Half a Soulja is a documentary about Bryan Breeze (aka 'Soulja'), who just completed the New York City Triathlon. Quite a challenge for anyone; for Bryan - who...

When I'm 94...



A documentary on Big Mountain Skiing.

The Fastest Man in the World

Documentary on the history of the 100m sprint.

A Spartan Workout

Great ways to train.

It's All About the Diet

Last night I finally got around to watching Super Size Me, in which Morgan Spurlock eats nothing but McDonalds' food for 30 days. In addition he performed no exercise during the period, and restricted walking to the pathetically low average of less than 5000 steps per day. Whilst I wasn't at all surprised to see a few health problems appear over the month; I was quite amazed at their severity. In fact, it took over a year for him to regain his former weight - let alone his former health. Very interesting documentary. The news this morning was filled with stories linking diet not simply to physical health problems, but also several mental health issues. It's clear that a lot more research needs to be done. As for my own diet experimentation, this morning was the first fortnightly record of a few basic measurements. The primary goal is weight gain, however I'll also be tracking a few of the other regulars.