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Gymchat 238 - Fitness Business Strategies (Matt Palfrey)

If you've been involved with the fitness industry for any length of time, chances are you've thought about setting up your own gym. Perhaps you've already got one.

Either way - how do you promote it? Attract new customers? Learn about what works, and what doesn't?

World's Stupidest Supplement Ads

Questions to ask when you see the advertisements.

Getting to Know : Personal Trainer Vic Magary

Inspirational guy.

Gym Marketing Lessons From Your Favorite Sex Shop

Learning what works from a somewhat unlikely source.

Recovery and Regeneration for the Strength Athlete

Does your training plan involve a solid dose of recovery work?

Report from the Big Seminar Part I: Lecture Notes

A wonderful return.

UFC 77 Musings and Spoilers

I got to the bar early. They put me at a four person table and I debated for a bit which seat gave the best view. I needn't have worried. I had the table to myself the entire night. I...

Fight Indooritis

Fight Indooritis. Marketing with a twist of lemon....

TGIF : weekly round-up (WE Fri 7 Apr 07)

Autumn is finally getting underway here. As things cool down outdoors, Straight to the Bar just gets warmed up : Articles : Jason Kirby takes a look at Muscle-up progressions, Jedd Johnson sets up a superb series on grip contests...