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Strength News Podcast: Episode 7

This afternoon I managed to tear myself away from the cricket to catch up on a podcast or two. Among them was the latest from Strength News; episode 7. This week Chris discusses : The third week of the current routine (phase 2 from the NROL), and a look ahead to phase 3 Bodyfat testing A look back at the goals set for 2006 What's after the current program?

Estimating Bodyfat

It's that time of year again. Before setting my health and fitness goals for 2006, I decided to check the status of a few things first. One of these is my current level of bodyfat - last estimated back in...

Climbing Once Again

The lure of 100kg.

Next Year

It seems to be the appropriate time of year for goal-setting (usually thinly veiled as New Years' Resolutions). A few of the things I'd like to improve over the next few months : Quality of sleep. I suspect this would...

Slowly, Slowly

Tantalisingly close.

Dietary Goals

The workout goals will be re-evaluated in a couple of weeks (12 weeks after starting), however there are a few dietary improvements I hope to make over the next couple of months. A number of changes have already been made, but to add to the list : Reduce alcohol consumption to 3 drinks per month Limit fried foods to 2 meals per week Limit consumption of red meat to 2 meals per week Reduce consumption of foods containing additives and preservatives Increase consumption of fruit/veg (the fruit is already quite reasonable, it's the lack of vegetation that I'm mainly looking to address) Reduce consumption of milk to under 3 pints per week (until quite recently I was drinking this amount daily) Eat more nuts and seeds The target date for the first four items is 1st July, with a deadline of 1st August for the remainder. Should be an interesting couple of months.

Mid-Term Goals

These are my primary goals for the mid-long term : Proportional strength - improved strength ratios for hamstrings/quads, legs/bodyweight, front/back Symmetrical strength - muscles on right side of body equal in strength to those on left Core strength and stability Increased flexibility