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Beginner Grip Training (Videos)

Just beginning your wrist (and finger) strength journey?

The 'Strong Grip Ready' Project

Sounds great Joe.

The Grip Master's Manual (John Brookfield)

A truly superb book.

Video for Gymchat 245 - Grip Strength (Jedd Johnson)

Superb conversation on Grip Strength. If you're ready to get seriously strong, watch this.

Gymchat 245 - Feats of Strength (Grip Strength) (Jedd Johnson)

Yep, we're talking about grip strength. Perfect.

The Straight to the Bar Guide to Grippers

Captains of Crush #1 gripper from Ironmind.Grippers are tools for developing - and testing - a person's crushing grip. Although there are a couple of different forms of grippers (the most common variant is pictured at left), they all challenge the same aspect of an athlete's grip.