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Looking At : Dec 4, 2016

During the past week we've discussed a number of great links; on Google+, Twitter, Nuzzel and so on. Here are a few of my favourites.

Looking At : May 13, 2012

What we were talking about this week : on Google+, Twitter, and the Forums

What is the Best Time to Work Out?

When to hit the gym, and why.

The Iron Guru - Vince Gironda

The original low-carb bodybuilder.

Review : The Primal Blueprint

Superb book.

Transitioning to a Paleo Diet

How to make the switch.

From Losing to Lifting

An incredible journey.

Ketones and the Primal Blueprint

Ketostix.What exactly is ketosis, and how does it relate to a low-carb diet? Mark takes a look.

28 Days, 14 Missions, 1 Ripped Physique

Sweet Italian turkey sausage.Another good read from Chris Shugart - 28 Days, 14 Missions, 1 Ripped Physique. Of particular note : If you choose to buy a book of "healthy" recipes, keep these thoughts in mind: 1. If the cookbook...

The 2008 Fat Loss Roundtable, Part I

Is 2008 the year of low carb, low fat or something else entirely? A good read....

Does This Muscle Make Me Look Fat?

Max Misch (November 2004 - November 2007).One of the many problems with our society is that people are too spoiled. They want things immediately and with as little work as possible. This applies to people who whine about how they cannot gain weight, no matter how much they eat, but usually they eat like a mouse, nibbling at their food. Imagine if these same people were forced to live in a third-world country or in a combat zone.

Low-Carb Medical Research

Tom Furman points to a nice resource on low-carb research. Enjoy....

Low Carb Round Table

There's more to low-carb than the Atkins diet.

Current diet

After reading the comments on my last post I realised that it's about time I posted a bit more information on my current (and planned) diet. Although I love cooking, I seem to have fallen into a simple (almost bland),...