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Various Recovery Methods (Including a Brief Review of the NormaTec System)

Plenty of options available when it comes to muscular recovery.

Looking At : Jun 26, 2016

During the past week we've discussed a number of great links; on Google+, Twitter, Nuzzel and so on. Here are a few of my favourites.

Video for Gymchat 257 - Muscle Activation Techniques (Eric Seifert)

How does it all work?


A great way to get a little grip work.

Must Have Tools and Equipment for the Field Sport Athlete

This is an accompaniment to Twitterchat 97 - Training for Football : AFL.

Gym Marketing Lessons From Your Favorite Sex Shop

Learning what works from a somewhat unlikely source.

Review : Functional Correction Manual

An invaluable resource.

Fix Your Body with a Foam Roller: The Basics

Learn the correct way to use this wonderful tool.

Active Release Techniques for Strength Athletes

Injury holding you back?

The Bodyweight Aficionado's Guide to Gear

A few extras that can add a whole lot of possibilities.

Snakes on a Face

I enjoy many varieties of massage, but I'm not sure this is one of them. Snakes on a Face....

Getting the Most Out of Your TTK

Dynamic thumb training with the Titan's Telegraph Key.

Massage, Hydrotherapy, and Hyperbaric Oxygenation

And the best recovery method is ...

Recovery via Fondling

The beauty of a bit of Thai Massage.

Last Two Finger Training - A Key to Success with Hand Grippers

The Grip Master's Manual.In The Grip Master's Manual, a book I think anyone interested in grip strength should read, John Brookfield mentions that one of the secrets to closing heavy grippers, especially the IronMind Captains of Crush grippers, is strength in the last two fingers, or the ring and pinky fingers. He says that strength in these two fingers is what finishes off the close when making a big attempt. I fully agree.

Grip Training - Lifting the Inch Replica Dumbbell III


From the Archives : Bruce Lee's Back Injury

What really happened?

Common Weight Lifting Injuries

And recovery, of course.

Fuel and Rest

What, why and how.

Bruce Lee's Back Injury

What really happened?