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Double Nail Drive

Driving two nails at the same time. Incredible.

70 of the Best : 7 Years of Straight to the Bar

This site - Straight to the Bar - has been around for an incredible 7 years (the first post was on Jan 17th, 2004), and to say I'm grateful is a gross understatement.

Thank you.

The Magnificent Seven

The Best of the Best.

Jaw Lifting : What, Why and How

How to do it the Right way.

Nail Driving Through Phonebook and Board

Here's a great combination by Aaron 'The Mighty Mac' Mckenzie - barehanded nail driving through both a phonebook and board. Nice one....

Blast from the Past : Hand Strength - Grip, Bending and Tearing

Get ready for some seriously strong hands.

Merry Christmas (and Some Great Holiday Reading)

Even Santa finds time to squeeze in a few sets of pulldowns.

Blast from the Past : Feats of Strength

Ready for a serious challenge? Great.

TGIF : weekly round-up (WE Fri 11 Jul 08)

Joe Nordquest. Photo from Alan Calvert's Super Strength, via Tom Black.A fantastic week here at Straight to the Bar. The highlights :...

Bare-Handed Nail Driving Basics

Ready for a serious challenge?

TGIF : weekly round-up (WE Fri 13 Jun 08)

A superb week here at Straight to the Bar.

Balloon-Bustin' Bare-handed Nail Driving

Ready for some more bare-handed nail driving? Great, same here. Here's Strongergrip's Ryan Pitts in action. Superb.

More Bare-Handed Nail Driving

I mentioned a few months ago that I never get tired of seeing bare-handed nail driving. Here's a clip of some with an unusual bonus - an old shoe. Nice one....

TGIF : weekly round-up (WE Fri 15 Feb 08)

A great week here at Straight to the Bar. Hitting the headlines :...

Bare handed nail driving

This is a strength (and grip) feat that I never get tired of seeing. Adam Glass drives a 16D nail through a board with a bare hand. Superb....