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The BEST Pull Up Training EVER (Trevor Bachmeyer)

After watching the video, I agree entirely.

Bodyweight Master™ Free Standing Pull Up Bar

Looks good.

Rolling Thunder Pull-Ups

Great way to challenge your grip.

How They Got Started : Matt Davidson

How the enigmatic Matt Davidson began.

Ascending Pull Up Ladder

Great bit of technique fine-tuning.

Band Assistance (for Pull-Ups, Dips & Push-Ups)

Beautiful things.

How They Got Started : Braiden Stevenson

It's always fascinating to hear how someone began their training. Over to Braiden.

Video for Gymchat 243 - How to Improve Your Pull Ups (Frank DiMeo)

Ready to get better? Great.

Video for Gymchat 241 - Advanced Fat Loss : Losing the Last 10lb (Vic Magary)

Fat loss. We outlined the basic idea in a recent Gymchat ( #231 ); what happens when progress slows down a little or stops altogether? How do you lose the last few pounds?

Video for Gymchat 236 - Programming for Strength vs Hypertrophy (Jason Paris)

One or the other, or a little of both?

Building a Salmon Ladder

Up For a Challenge? Try One of These.

Looking At : Oct 21, 2012

During the past week we've discussed a number of great links; on Google+, Twitter, the Daily 'Paper' and so on. Here are a few of my favourites.

Looking At : Aug 12, 2012

What we were talking about this week : on Google+, Twitter, and the Forums

Gymchat 179 - Interval Training

What's it all about?

You Need More Drugs

Review of Vasopro Xtreme Pre-Workout Supplement.

How and Why I Train : Robert Lucarelli

Robert Lucarelli.How did it all begin? Like this.

Kipping Pull-ups

Sometimes a straight line isn't the fastest way to get from point A to point B.

Why Conditioning is King

What exactly is conditioning? Should you be doing some? Over to Dean.

Checklists and Complex Problems

A simple approach to solving complex problems, like designing a fitness program.

Today's Twitterchat with the Gym Junkies

Great discussion.

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