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Performing the Hanuman Push Up (Karate TV)

Wonderful exercise.

The Pseudo Planche Pushup & Variations (Austin Dunham)

Nice one.

Stability Ball Push Up Progressions (Brent Brookbush)

Nice one Brent.

StrongerGrip PUGS (Push Up Globe Spikes)

Make push-ups a little more of a challenge.

Warrior T Push-up Handles

Love these things.

Weighted Ring Push-Ups

Great combination.

Checking Out : The Strength Calisthenics Certification (SCC)

This sounds fantastic.

How They Got Started : John Keating

How the enigmatic John Keating began.

Band Assistance (for Pull-Ups, Dips & Push-Ups)

Beautiful things.

Straight to the Bar 2012 : Strength-Training Resources

We've noted a number of superb resources in the newsletter this year. Here are a few personal favourites.

A Brief History of Circuit Training and Peripheral Heart Action (PHA)

How it all began.

Welcome to the Gymchats IV : 137 - 156

Over the past few months we've had some superb discussions on Google+ : thank you all. It really is fantastic to hear your ideas and techniques on such a wide variety of training topics.

Welcome to the Gymchats III : Using Google+

Great conversations.

Blast from the Past : Ring Training II

Wonderful form of training.

Finding Your Fitness In The Least Common Places

How it all began.

Training for the Planche

Up for a challenge?

Suspension Training 101

A great look at an incredibly versatile form of training.

Lift Weights? So What!

Time to get serious.

Tackling the One-Armed Push-Up

Up for a challenge?

TGIF : weekly round-up (WE Fri 22 May 09)

A great week here.

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