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Onnit Suspension Rings

These look great.

Ring Training for Athletes (Mike Gillette)

Looks great.

Muscle-Up Technique

Great exercise.

Weighted Ring Push-Ups

Great combination.

Blast from the Past : Ring Training II

Wonderful form of training.

How to Use Rings

Just got yourself some rings? Peter has a few ideas for putting them to work....

Skill Transfer for the Muscle-Up

UPDATE 18/09/11 : The video below was available when this post was written, but has since been removed by the user. Apologies for that. If you want to make sure you're always kept in the loop when we put new...

How to Perform Ring Push Ups

Good stuff.

Rings, Ropes and Kettlebells

This is definitely my kind of outdoor workout - Rings, Ropes and Kettlebells. Good stuff.

Getting Started on the Rings

Looking to start a little Ring training? Glorious things - love 'em. So does Sally....

DIY Hanging Handles

Psuedo "Rings".

Crossfit London Ring Training

How they use them in their own training.

Dynamic Stretching

Good fun.

The Ice Cream Maker

Got your rings ready?

Foot-Ring Push-up

Interesting idea.

Ring Pushups Demonstration

Up for a challenge?

Supported Muscle-Up

The incredible Jim Bathurst.

Ring Training

Ring training looks great [streaming, 2.6mb .flv download]; definitely time to get some of these for the home gym....