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Modified Upright Rows

Grab a towel (or a cable) and a kettlebell.

Advanced Battle Rope Workout

Love a little rope work.

Legless Rope Climb

Arms only.

Blast from the Past : Rope Training II

Here's another look at this wonderful form of training.

SttB Guide to Rope Training

Want to take your conditioning workouts up a notch? Throw in a bit of thick rope work. Love it.

Short Power Rope : Rope Circles

One of my favourite exercises with a medium length of thick rope.

An Overview of Velocity Training

Frank DiMeo (left) and John Brookfield.Considering giving Battling Ropes a test? Excellent.

Bulgarian Bag Rope Swings

These are great - with a Bulgarian Bag, kettlebell or anything with a bit of weight. Good fun.

Blast from the Past : Thick Rope Training

A few of my personal favourites.

Thick Rope Supine Rows

Good fun.

Grip Strength - Where Is It?

There's a great reason for doing some serious grip work.

Weighted Rope Climbing

Jake Hilton's quest for Ninja Warrior glory.

Buying Rope in Australia

Rope on the beach. Photo by René Ehrhardt.For a while now I've been using thick rope for climbing, pulling and lifting in a number of ways. It's an incredibly versatile item. However, ropes don't last forever and this one's enjoying...

Standing Sled Rope Row

A simple rope pull in action.

Seated Rope Sled Pull

Good fun.

Rings, Ropes and Kettlebells

Definitely my kind of outdoor workout.

Double Rope Climb

Two ropes = twice the fun.

TGIF : Weekly Round-Up (WE Fri 8 Feb 08)

Another incredibly wet and stormy week here at Straight to the Bar. Still bunkered down in the home gym.

Jump Rope Progressions

Just beginning your journey? Start here.

Battling Ropes in Action

A couple of moves from John Brookfield's wonderful Battling Ropes system.