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My Full Body Workout Routine

Why I Believe A Full Body Workout Routine is The Best Training Method.

5 Ways to Maximize Your Workout

Squat.How do you make the most of your time under the bar? Joe has a few ideas.

Over-Training & Plateaus

Gains stopped? We'll get them moving again. Photo by NathanFromDeVryEET.Gains stopped? There may be a good reason to back off a bit. GWNN explains.

Weight Training : Starting Out - What to Expect

A little lat work.Has weight training caught your eye? Feeling intimidated about getting started? GWNN has a few thoughts.

How to Train for Strength

Training for muscle mass, or strength?

Pyramid Strength Training for Football Players and Athletes

Football. Photo by rdesai.Football players and other athletes who use pyramid strength training techniques get solid results while working the muscle fibers at varying levels of intensity. This is imperative, as performing the same routine repeatedly will allow the muscles to adapt rather than to grow stronger.

Designing Your Workouts

How do you go about it?

The Importance of Perfect Reps - Part One

The thinking behind practice.

Report from the Big Seminar Part I: Lecture Notes

A wonderful return.

The Ultimate Legs Program

Think you already know how to work your legs?

Away for a Week

Spring is definitely here, and it's the perfect time of year to go offline for a week and enjoy the Great Outdoors. Although there are no firm plans yet, that's exactly what I'll be doing. Until September 7, that is.

Zatsiorsky's Two Factor Theory: The Fitness-Fatigue Model

Mehdi takes a brief look at a fascinating study - Zatsiorsky's take on the Fitness-Fatigue Model.

Start of the Weights

It begins.