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Belt Squat Thoughts

A few thoughts on a piece of equipment not seen often enough - a belt squat machine.

Squat School | Hip Structure and Squat Technique

Extremely thorough explanation.

Fixing the 'Knees cave in when squatting' Problem

Nice one guys.

Brooke Wells & Friends Squatting @ Super Training

Great tips.

How They Got Started : Javad Ghassabi

How the enigmatic Javad Ghassabi got started, and back into it.

SQUAT STRONGER - Increasing Ankle Dorsiflexion

A little mobility work.

GetStrength Front Squat Harness All-Sport

Looks great.

The Forgotten Squat

Hack your way to massive thighs.

The Rotater

Brilliant device.

High Bar vs Low Bar Squats

A small adjustment can make a big difference.

Weighted Jumping Squats

Interesting combination.

How They Got Started : Benjamin Andrews

How the enigmatic Benjamin Andrews began.

Checking Out : The Strength Calisthenics Certification (SCC)

This sounds fantastic.

How to Squat, with Ed Coan

Great tutorial.

How They Got Started : Matt Davidson

How the enigmatic Matt Davidson began.

Squat Like an ANIMAL 2014 - 500lb for Reps

How many times can you squat 500lb?

How To Squat

You know you should be doing it - here's how.

Video for Gymchat 251 - Gaining Maximum Functional Muscle Mass (Bud Jeffries)

Gain size, gain strength.

Gymchat 251 - Gaining Maximum Functional Muscle Mass (Bud Jeffries)

This week we'll be tackling this enigmatic area with the incredible Bud Jeffries, who I first saw performing in 2006 (he was tackling a bottom-up-squat with an insane 1,000lb).

Leg Press Foot Position

Love the Leg Press. Where do you place your feet when you do it, or when you're doing squats? How far apart, and what sort of angle?

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