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Using DIY Strongman Equipment with Clients (Alan Thrall)

Very interesting area (and yes, I agree entirely).

Ultimate Masters World's Strongest Man 2011

Great competition.

Road to Strong

Its only 110kg per hand.

TGIF : weekly round-up (WE Fri 1 May 09)

The 'Hula Hoop' Squatting Circle.

Human Link vs Truck Pull

What do you get when you mix these two wonderful strength feats? Something quite unusual - demonstrated by Czech Strongman Rene Golem Richter....


Love the truck pull/push combination at the start.

1 Mile Truck Pull

John Brookfield and Jon Bruney.

Truck Pull Simulator

This is a very interesting push/pull combination. The Truck Pull Simulator.

Arm Over Arm Truck Pull

Love the seated sled pull, but want a bit more of a challenge? Try it with a truck. Nice one....

Lonny Fehr Truck Socks!

What do you do when your shoes come off in the truck pull? Keep on going.

Incline Truck Pulls

UPDATE 13/07/15 : The video below was available when this post was written, but has since been removed by the user. Apologies for that. If you want to make sure you're always kept in the loop when we put new content on this site, subscribe to the RSS feed or grab the weekly Strength & Fitness Newsletter. cheers, Scott Up for a challenge? Try a few Incline Truck Pulls. Love 'em.

(Fire) Truck Pulling

James Bjerregaard at the Lone Star Showdown 2008.

TGIF : Weekly Round-up (WE Fri 26 Oct 07)

What we were talking about this week.

Superhuman Strength - The Truck Pull


Glossary - Strength Training Equipment

What does it all do?

Derek Boyer

Shifting a 70 tonne road train.

Fatbacks Strongman 2006

Come and say hello.