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How To Press Things Overhead (Stones, Barbell, Logs etc)

Great tutorial.

How to Muscle Up

Fantastic tutorial.

How to Perform Push-Ups

Nice one.

Beginners Guide to Snatching

Nice one Meg.

How To Planche For Beginners

Fantastic tutorial.

Secrets of the Windmill (Andrea Du Cane)

Wonderful exercise.

The Perfect Pull-Up

Wonderful tutorial.

Basic Agility Ladder Drills

Great demonstration.

The Hook Grip

What, why and how.

How to Hang Clean with a Kettlebell (NO WRIST BANGING!)

Great tutorial.

How To Make An Atlas Stone (Slater Stone vs Hybrid Stone)

Fantastic video.

Performing The T-Bar Row

Great exercise.

Tutorial - Straight Arm Press to Handstand

Good stuff.

How to Bench Press, with Eric Spoto

Excellent tutorial.

Weighted Dip Basics

I was asked a couple of times during the week about adding weight to dips, so here's a quick tutorial on doing just that : Nice one. Incidentally, the weight can be anything at all (preferably with a hole to feed the chain through) - I frequently use kettlebells here. Whatever's handy. NB : We first looked at this one in the weekly Strength & Fitness Newsletter (part of the Strength Kit). If you'd like to have it sent to you automatically (free!) each week, just add your email here.

DIY : How to Build a Wrist Roller

Looking for a DIY project for the weekend? Have a go at this.

Suspension Training 101

A great look at an incredibly versatile form of training.

The Magnificent Seven

The Best of the Best.

TGIF : weekly round-up (WE Fri 15 May 09)

The highlights of another great week here on Straight to the Bar.

Parkour: Underbar 360º Tutorial

Great tutorial.

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