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Isopure Protein Powder - My Review

My review of Isopure low carb whey protein.

What is the Best Time to Work Out?

When to hit the gym, and why.

Interview with Maik Wiedenbach on Good Day NY

Very interesting indeed.

Review : Vibram FiveFingers

I absolutely love these.

Grip World Magazine

One of Mobster's great grip sites.

Recovery and Regeneration for the Strength Athlete

Does your training plan involve a solid dose of recovery work?

Protein Shakes from Starbucks

Vivanno.Via Slashfood : as strange as it may seem, I've never actually tried a beverage from Starbucks. That may change, however, with the Vivanno. The drink contains : One whole banana Whey protein (16 grams) and fibre powder (5 grams)...

Level 15 Vulcan Gripper Close (CCS)

Steve Gardener having his way with the Vulcan.

Juggling the Baby Inch

Love it.

Hormonal Optimization Through Sleep

Automatic drinking. Perfect.

Basic Meal Plan (1st Draft)

OK, here's the first draft of a basic diet plan. Note that I seem to need around 4,000 cals per day just to remain at the same weight - I'm hoping that the extra 250 will be enough for a...

Nutrition Goals 2006

OK, before the year really gets going it's time to define a few nutritional goals for 2006. The main ones are : Increase bodyweight to 100kg (currently 84kg). I realize this might be unrealistic for 12 months; especially if the bulk of the extra weight comes in the form of muscle. Finally get rid of this annoying cough I've had off and on for about 8 months. It isn't painful, regular or accompanied by any obvious illness; it's just annoying. Further reduce the amount of time I spend in the kitchen. As much as I love to cook, there just aren't enough hours in the day to spend a lot of time preparing each meal.

Time to Whey It Up

The cupboard was barer.There's an empty space in the cupboard beside the breakfast cereals. Normally it's home to a large container of protein powder (usually a mix from ISO, a local sports nutrition shop); it's now simply marking time whilst I debate the real benefits of protein shakes.

Current Diet

My current (and planned) diet.