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Weekly Health News Round-Up : Mon April 30 2007

A few snippets from this week's health news : Enhanced Environment Restores Memory in Mice with Neurodegeneration A new study has found that placing mice in an enriched environment can reinstate learning behavior and reestablish access to long-term memories after...

Working Out In The Heat

Turning up the heat.What do you do workout-wise when it gets this hot?

Dosing up on Vitamin B

Before heading back down to warmer climes I decided to try a few of the beers which rarely make it as far as Australian shelves (there'd be a fair bit of competition if they did). Tonight I came across the...

Study : Middle-aged US citizens less healthy than English counterparts

The cause of this difference? Would love to hear your thoughts.

8 Glasses of Water Per Day?

Burn more, drink more.

Bionic Muscles


England Smoking Ban

Nice one.

Lifting, Coughing and Spluttering

The past 5 days have felt like a month.

Basic Meal Plan : An Update

Recently John asked how the new meal plan is going. Here's a little more information.

A Bit About My Diet

A vast improvement.

Morning After

The clocks here went back an hour last night. As it happened to be in the early hours of a Sunday morning (or the late hours of a Saturday night, depending on your point of view) the first thought to came to mind was 'that's an extra hour of drinking time'. I suspect I was not alone in that thought.

Finding a Balance

Cleaning up.

Fighting Colds the Natural Way

Major illness = serious medical advice. For minor illnesses though...

Phase 1 Summary - Health

My diet has changed substantially over the past 12 weeks, and the corresponding improvements in overall health are starting to appear. The major changes were : Alcohol consumption has been reduced from a ridiculous 10-15 drinks per day, to around...

Dietary Goals

The workout goals will be re-evaluated in a couple of weeks (12 weeks after starting), however there are a few dietary improvements I hope to make over the next couple of months. A number of changes have already been made, but to add to the list : Reduce alcohol consumption to 3 drinks per month Limit fried foods to 2 meals per week Limit consumption of red meat to 2 meals per week Reduce consumption of foods containing additives and preservatives Increase consumption of fruit/veg (the fruit is already quite reasonable, it's the lack of vegetation that I'm mainly looking to address) Reduce consumption of milk to under 3 pints per week (until quite recently I was drinking this amount daily) Eat more nuts and seeds The target date for the first four items is 1st July, with a deadline of 1st August for the remainder. Should be an interesting couple of months.


My diet has improved again over the past few weeks, largely resulting from suggestions in The Optimum Nutrition Bible (with subsequent research elsewhere). These include : Further reduction of caffeine and alcohol (approx 5 cups coffee per week, 10 alcoholic...

Daily Diet

The sorts of things I currently consume.


These are my primary aims for the short term (next few months) : Further reduce consumption of alcohol. Frequency is now reasonable; the quantity is still too high. Reduce intake of dairy products. Still use quite a bit of cream and butter in cooking - these are the main targets. Remove 'out of season' products from my diet. Foods which are shipped from countries where the products are still available (usually due to a difference in seasons) are never as good as those available locally. Increase consumption of protein. Currently around 1.5g/kg of bodyweight. Increase bodyweight to around 80-83kg, without increasing body fat percentage. Currently around 73kg, which is a little light for my height (6').

Dietary Changes

Over the past couple of months I have made a number of changes to my diet, including :

Increasing my intake of protein and carbohydrates
Minimising intake of coffee
Increasing consumption of tea...

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