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Specific Training for the Transverse Abdominis: Belt It In

Time to tighten up your built-in belt.

Report from the Big Seminar Part I: Lecture Notes

A wonderful return.

Does This Muscle Make Me Look Fat?

Eat more? Quite possibly.

From the archives : Using pulse rate to determine rest break length

How long do you rest between sets?

Interview with Personal Trainer Jason Kirby

An incredibly inventive trainer.

Backyard Bastard Bash 2007

Great competition.

7 Steps to Getting Rid of your Household Waste

I want to get rid of x - where does it go?

The Gripper Hierarchy

Where do my grippers lie?

29 Things to do with a Barbell in the Corner

Time to get creative.

TGIF : weekly round-up (WE Fri 5 Oct 07)

Summer's come early at Straight to the Bar.

100 x 40

100 things by the time he reaches 40.

Deconstructing Hanging Windshield Wipers

Why? How? When?

From the Archives : Starting Your Fitness Journey

Get going the right way.

From the archives : The Step-up - A Real Squat Alternative?

Definitely time to give it a go.

10 Questions with Strongman Mike Gill

Time to dive a little deeper.

Conditioning Without Trying : Walking 10,000 Steps Per Day

Time for a stroll.

Straight to the Grip Contest VI - Specialization with Grippers

We have covered the gamut of established set techniques for grippers that are currently used in certification systems and in grip contests. Now we need to talk about how to prepare for these certs and contests.

Eliminating Excuses

Martin's mission is a straightforward one - to help you become a fitter, healthier person. A noble goal. Head over to his blog Eliminating Excuses and say hello....

Indispensable Lifts

The core of many a program.

The Great Pudge Off

Christine Petty and Royce Mills are out to prove that strength does not have to equate to size. In what's been dubbed 'The Great Pudge Off '07', both are out to rid themselves of some excess baggage in fairly quick...

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