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Gymchat 231 - Fat Loss 101 (Vic Magary)

Looking to get rid of some excess baggage?

Transformation Techniques V - Nutritional Basics 1 - Energy Requirements

What to eat, and when

Gymchat 225 - How to Master the Inner Game (Jen Mulhall)

Ready for a dose of Mental Toughness?

The Future of Fitness : Virtual Training Partners

How will we train in the near future?

Video for Gymchat 223 - Progressive Calisthenics (with Al Kavadlo)

How do you advance with bodyweight exercises?

Video for Gymchat 220 : High Intensity Training - HIT (Chris Lutz)

Ready for a little Intensity?

Video for Gymchat 218 - Alternative Approaches to Exercise Prescription (Matthew Palfrey)

Time to make a few substitutions?

Video for Gymchat 216 - Fat Loss Nutrition (with Ryan Phillips & Rob Spencer)

The right way to shed a few pounds.

Transformation Techniques IV - Myths 2

The Myth-Busting Continues.

Gymchat 214 - How to Create an Effective Supplement Stack (with Paul Teixeira)

Do it the right way.

Gymchat 213 (Roundtable) - How to get BIGGER and STRONGER

Training for strength & hypertrophy.

Gymchat 212 - How to Gain Muscle (with Conor Kelly)

Hypertrophy 101.

Transformation Techniques III - Myths

Separating Fact From Fiction - 10 Fitness Myths That Prevent Transformations

Transformation Techniques II - Mental Strength

This week : the change in character. The mental transformation.

Gymchat 208(b) - How Do You...V

How do you like to train?

Gymchat 208 - How Do You...V

How do you do it?

The Ultimate Self-Defense Workout

Get Ripped, Defend Yourself.

Couch to Commando

Don Stevenson.Looks great. Although the finished book won't be out for a few weeks (more details as they arise), if you've checked out any of Don's work you know you're in for a treat. And to give you an idea...

Gymchat 203 - Fat Loss (with Vic Magary)

Time to get to work.

The Future of Workout Clothing

Where's it all going?

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