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TGIF : weekly round-up (WE Fri 27 Mar 09)

The Mighty Norseman.

The Human Rack Lift

It all starts in The Rack.

Unusual Goals Require Unusual Measures

How do you train for something like that?

Jungles, 12 Steppers, and UFOs: Join the Online Strength Community!

Welcome to the Jungle.

Fat Bastard Barehand Bend

Via Body by Long : Love seeing barehanded bending. Nice work Ben....

The Hardest Thing

Thinking about the hour ahead. Photo by Roy Scott.Do you have the mental fortitude to stop when it hurts?

Small Victories

Improve what you can improve, every day.

Back To The Future : The Power Of Bodyweight Exercise

There are many ways to mix things up.

What Really Works? Effective Strength Training Principles

The Fundamentals.

Get Mental! The Psychology of Strength

Think about it.

Making Changes : Winning the Gateway Classic

The result of training by Milos Sarcev.Matt investigates the Milos Sarcev approach to conditioning. And wins.

5 Years of SttB : Articles

Yes, I love the deadlift.There were some fantastic articles in the 5 Years of Straight to the Bar competition, thankyou. To vote for your favourite (full list below), either send me a message on twitter, via email or leave a...

Visualization : The Vision Wall

Girlwith Noname.No matter what your strength-training goals are, a Vision Wall will help keep you on target.

Strength Training 101 -- Get Strong, Build Muscle, Lose Fat

Squat. Photo by HelloPitty, in the SttB Flickr Group.Just getting started? Great.

Australia Day 2009


What Weight Training Can NOT Do For You

The myth of spot reduction.

Why I Love To Weight Train

Girlwith Noname.Girlwith Noname explains exactly why she loves throwing the iron around. Love it.

TGIF : weekly round-up (WE Fri 2 Jan 09)

A great start to the new year here on Straight to the Bar.

Resolutions and Goal Setting

What've you got planned for next year?

A Return to Outdoor and Unconventional Workouts

Serious outdoor training. Image from Get Gorilla.The 'use what you've got' approach.

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