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Recovery and Regeneration for the Strength Athlete

Does your training plan involve a solid dose of recovery work?

World's Longest Wall Squat

Dr Thienna Ho.Having recovered from the most sumo squats in one hour record, Dr Thienna Ho is gearing up for another bodyweight record attempt - the world's longest wall squat. Her goal? A torturous 12 hours....

How to Train for Strength

Training for muscle mass, or strength?

Running - How, Where, Why, When

Want to become a runner? Great.

Getting to Know : Chris Rider

A truly amazing guy.

Pyramid Strength Training for Football Players and Athletes

Football. Photo by rdesai.Football players and other athletes who use pyramid strength training techniques get solid results while working the muscle fibers at varying levels of intensity. This is imperative, as performing the same routine repeatedly will allow the muscles to adapt rather than to grow stronger.

Full Circle with the Get Up

Variations of the TGU.

500 Reps of Torture

My goal was to get this workout done in under twenty minutes, and now I'm at the 35 minute mark. What to do?

The Bannister Approach to Goal-Setting

Bannister in the lead.Got a new piece up at The Change Blog - Change Your Thinking, Change Your Fitness. Goal-setting the Roger Bannister way.

Pinch Grip Training & Athletic Carryover

Love a little blob-work.

3 SIMPLE Rules For Superior Fitness

If you've been around the fitness scene for a while (or you're just starting to 'Get in shape') then I'm sure you've found a truckload of information. What are the basics?

Ready for a Virtual Meet?

Would you consider doing a powerlifting or weightlifting meet if it came to you?

The Relationship Between Size and Strength, Part 1

Whether your goals revolve around aesthetics, athleticism or obscene levels of strength, you're bound to come across the occasional bodybuilding vs powerlifting argument. Which path should you follow?

Incorporating the "Big Three" into Sports Training (part II)

Over at EliteFTS, Chris Clark takes a look at the process of incorporating the major lifts into your routines; no matter what your athletic goals are. The 'write it down' point definitely makes a difference.

Concurrent Strategies in Strength Training

Over at EFS Mladen Jovanović takes a look at concurrent training - essentially a way of working toward a number of strength goals at the same time. A good read.

From Losing to Lifting

An incredible journey.

The Many Types of Blobs

Ready for a challenge?

Four Steps for Reducing Your Triglycerides

What, Why and How.

Why Bend Steel?

Looking for a way to increase both strength and power? Great.

The Investments III : A Look at Training the World's Favorite Muscle Groups

Drills for every athlete, weekend warrior, bodybuilder and strongman.

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