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Josef Steinbach

Olympic Weightlifter.

Performing the Barbell Snatch

Great exercise.

Britt Lift

Britt Buckingham's online training diary.

Defying Gravity

Via Kat Ricker : a great compilation by the Iron Maven showing the grace of female Olympic Weightlifting [streaming, 14.4mb .flv download]....

Sergo Chakhoyan Banned for Life

Sad end to a wonderful career.

Training for Beijing

They certainly intend to win.

Berserker Kettlebell

Kettlebell training, CrossFit-style mixes and Olympic lifting.

Paul Anderson Video

Watch the big man himself.

Bars, Plates, Hooks and Collars

The Heart of The Home Gym.

Harold Sakata

Yes, that's Oddjob.

97 Pages of Fun

Via Jamie : I just grabbed a copy of Dan John's free ebook on Olympic Lifting, From the Ground Up [.pdf, 694kb]. It's a companion to the video (of the same name), and looks like a great read. Well worth...

Westside Meets Olympic lifting

Travis Mash blends traditional Westside and Olympic Lifting approaches. What does he get? Something truly beautiful....

Off-Season Rugby Training

Great combination.

DIY: Home-Made Gym Equipment

Have you ever considered building your own lifting platform? Climbing wall? Stones for Strongman training?

Holding the Bar in the Front Squat

How do you hang on to it? Like this.

Olympic Lifts for the Deadlift

Iron Sport Gym's Jeff Fiss discusses a few of the exercises he's picked up from Olympic Lifter Jim Rutter that have been helping his deadlift. Might just try a few of them....

Snatch-Grip Rack Pulls

Little used - at least by me.

Power Shrug

The Power Shrug (aka Jump Shrug) is about as close as I ever come to the world of Olympic Weightlifting. It's basically a combination of a slight jump and a shrug. The movement is made of two basic parts - the dip and the rip. The dip involves a slight bending of the knees and a lowering of the bar (under control); the rip is somewhat more violent, involving the straightening of ankles, knees and hips as well as a shrug. Timing is key, and its an art I've yet to master.

Dip 'n' Rip

With the traps not complaining at all after monday's light going over, it was back to the deadlift program. This week - week 5 - saw the introduction of the Power Shrug.

Grokking the Hook Grip

Part of the future of my deadlift training?

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