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Gymchat 209 - Setting up a Home Gym (with Josh Hewett)

How do you go about it?

Video For Gymchat 203 - Explaining Crossfit Principles (with Dai 'The Moose' Manuel)

What's it all about?

Video for Gymchat Bite 1 - Supplementation & Olympic Lifting (Derek Peruo)

Great interview.

Video and Bonus : Gymchat 190 - Olympic Lifting (Karsten Jensen)

Great interview. Dive in.

Gymchat 190 - Olympic Lifting (Karsten Jensen)

How, What and Why.

How To Do The Clean Pull

Looking to develop explosive power? Read on.

The Bulgarianization Experiment

Time for a little experimentation.

10 Questions With Greg Everett

Incredible guy.

Dave Sheppard

Dave Sheppard. Weightlifter Dave Sheppard....

Fine-Tuning the Vertical Bar Path

Trying to get the maximum vertical acceleration during an explosive lift?

DIY: How to Build an Olympic Weightlifting Platform

Setting up a home gym?

A Basic Olympic Lifting Program

Jeff Sunzeri.Ready to give Olympic Weightlifting a shot? Brian Carson shares a basic routine. Nice one....

Push Jerk Recoveries

Push Jerk Recoveries are great for building overhead support strength (and downright fun, once you get the timing right).

Barbell Jerks with Bands

Bands are great for explosive movements like this.

Alena Hilbert

Thrusters.Pop over and say hi to CrossFit Sydney trainer Alena Hilbert, whose training log shows just how varied the CrossFit approach is. Everything from surfing to Olympic Weightlifting. Love it....

Power Rig for Weightlifting

A DIY rack for Jerk Support and Recovery.

Olympic Lifts & Stone Training Similarities

They're not as far apart as you might think.

Learning The Power Clean and Push Jerk

The team at CrossFit Boston learns the Power Clean and Push Jerk. Good stuff.

TGIF : weekly round-up (WE Fri 6 Jun 08)

An excellent week here at Straight to the Bar.

The Weighting Game

The Jerusalem Post takes a brief look at Olympic Weightlifting. A good read.

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