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Snatch-Grip High Pulls

Interesting combination.

Three Stages Press

Interesting idea.

Two Man Clean and Jerk


Grrl's Valentine's Day Wishlist

Time to get her what she really wants.

Mark Rippetoe Coaches the Overhead Press

Good stuff.

Anatoly Pisarenko

Olympic weightlifter.

Burpee Snatch

Very interesting combination.

Lift 'Til Ya Die

A great resource.

Stas Chalaev

Not bad at all.

The Science of Winning

Print it out, carry it around with you, and read it several times.

How to Make Your Own Bumper Plates on a Budget

Ready to try a spot of Olympic Weightlifting? Make your own 'plates'.

Weightlifting : a Cross Between Kendo and Pole Vaulting

Very interesting idea.

Why Weightlifting Shoes?

If you're thinking of getting a pair, make sure you read this first.

Rudolf Plukfelder

Demonstrating a split clean.

Snatch vs Clean

Great explanation.

Weightlifting Shoes

The Mighty Kat has a couple of suggestions.

Jackie Berube

Champion Olympic weightlifter Jackie Berube.

Overhead Support

A great supplementary exercise for the Jerk - the Overhead Support.

Sochi in 2014

Should be great.

Performing the Barbell Snatch

Great exercise.

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