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Light Exercise After Meal Lowers Post Prandial Triglycerides, Study Finds

Try doing some of your training after you eat.

Calves : How to Build Them

The forgotten muscle.

A Word of Advice for Training : The Importance of Fundamentals

Understanding the basics.

Is It All Worth It?

Time to shine.

Straight to the Bar Guides : Returning to Heavy Training After a Break [PDF]

Time to get back to the good stuff.

Welcome to the Gymchats

Talking about training, every week.

The Bulgarianization Experiment

Time for a little experimentation.

Lift Fast, Lift Strong

The benefits of lifting fast.

Progressive Distance Training

This article is an excerpt from the book: The Flexible Periodization Method. Enjoy.

Specific Method Variations for the Early Phase of a Macrocycle

Here is an excerpt from my book: The Flexible Periodization Method; covering specific methods to use in the early phases of a macro cycle. Note how the optimal use of combination exercises can give a unique combination of medium-high loads and long duration sets.

Checklists and Complex Problems

A simple approach to solving complex problems, like designing a fitness program.

The 40-Day Program

Interesting idea.

Tips for Kettlebell Pressing Power

Fine-tuning your pressing technique.

Contrast Training for Strength, Size, and Power

Looking for a change? Try a few weeks of contrast training.

A Man's Guide to Getting His Woman In Shape

Provocative headline, great advice.


Strength training for Ultimate Frisbee.

Explosive Training for Bodybuilders

Scott Abel's approach to training - for bodybuilders, football players and MMA fighters.

Six Simple and Effective Kettlebell Exercises for Athletes

Exactly what it says.

Stuff You Should Be Doing, But Aren't

Time for a few adjustments.

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