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Choosing Openers

You can only go up.

Alberto Gallazzi Tactical Warm-Up

A short clip from Tacfit.

Early CrossFit Model

Use what you've got.

Barb Guerra

Focus and determination.

Swings and Hinging

Phil Scarito demonstrates how to use a towel (and a training partner) to improve hinging in the kettlebell swing. Interesting idea.

5 x 5 x 5 Squat

Five slow squats, five speed squats and five jump squats.

From The Bar to The Bar

A journey from alcoholic to weightlifter.

Louie Simmons On Teen Lifting

Louie Simmons.Via Aggressive Strength Magazine : Louie Simmons takes a brief look at teenage powerlifting; as well as a couple of great ways to use foam sheets in your training. Good stuff....

Combat Core DVD Trailer

This looks great - a quick peek at the upcoming Combat Core DVD (out on June 9th). If you've got the book, you'll definitely want this.

Kettlebell Benching

Rick mentioned the idea of hanging kettlebells via the bar (for the bench press) a while ago. If you're curious to see what it looks like, here it is in action.

Sharing the Home Gym

High and heavy.This month Blaine and I will be taking a look at the many fitness-related things you can do locally. Today I'll be taking a look at the benefits of sharing your home gym. Goody's post yesterday (looking at...

Three Stages Press

Interesting idea.

Bulldog Complex

Love it.

Training Partners

Become like the person you train with.

The Overhead Squat

The Overhead Squat.All-round Strength Training's Sally takes a close look at the Overhead Squat. Good stuff.

Numbers That Lie

Before you brag about how much weight you're moving, take a look at how the cable is connected to the stack at your favorite exercise machine. Is the top plate connected to a pulley or a cable?

10 Sure Fire Ways to Increase Your Bench Press

A few suggestions.

Lauren's Fitness

A great blog.

Filling in the Holes

Ready to fill in the gaps in your training? Over to Josh Henkin....

Seven Principles for Better Program Design

A good read.

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