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Premiere Personal Fitness

Another site to add to your daily reading list.

Kids as Clients for Personal Trainers

Via Digg : I'm in two minds over this one. According to figures from the International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association (the largest of its type in the US) almost 1 million children aged 6-17 are using the services of...

Health Hackers

Devoted to helping the geeks of the world (and I definitely count myself in that number).

Too Much of a Good Thing

Love it.

Train Like a Girl

The pink dumbbells are nowhere to be found.

The Buffling Evolutions

Anything but typical.

Principles of Effective Action

Head over there and say hello.

Interfit Online

Definitely one to keep an eye on.

Squatting Like a 5-year-old

Apart from the depth, that is.

Gym Etiquette

Any you'd like to add?

Mayo Clinic Endorses The Wii Concept

The perfect moment to grab a Nintendo Wii.

Training Young Athletes

The International Youth Conditioning Association's Brian Grasso and Mike Boyle discuss the training of young athletes [zipped .m4a, 17mb]. A very good listen....

A Spartan Workout

Great ways to train.

Workout Locations: the Beach

When it comes to outdoor training, the beach is ideal.

The Next Generation

More video goodness (streaming, 16.5mb .flv download via KeepVid) from Zach Even-Esh; this time showing just how he trains younger athletes. How? Exactly the same way as everyone else. Good stuff....

Timing Rest

Blaine wraps up our article series on rest with a look at Timing Rest. This article looks at the most effective way to measure rest break length (for various workout types) as well as offering a few basic timing strategies....

Tetris Weightlifting

For those days when you really don't feel like going to the gym.

Tiger Time

Saturday is rapidly becoming blog-finding day.

22 Minutes of Goodness

Jim Wendler shares a few thoughts.

Keeping Up To Date With Feeds

From two or three to well over twenty.

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