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DIY Gym Gear : How to Make Your Own Clubs

Looking for a new DIY project to tackle?

From the archives : Card Tearing Anyone?

I'm travelling for a couple of weeks (back around March 15). In the meantime, here are a few hidden gems from the archives. Enjoy. Card Tearing Anyone? I don't care if you tear a stack of paper, a deck of...

From the Archives : 29 Things to do with a Barbell in the Corner

Time to get creative.

Addressing Weaknesses in The Squat

Knees caving in? Falling forward?

From the Archives : The Lost Art of Overhead Pressing

How much? Time to find out.

Grip Chronicles

Ready to start building your grip strength?

TGIF : weekly round-up (WE Fri 1 Feb 08)

An insanely wet and stormy week here at Straight to the Bar.

One Finger Balance

Via Fight Geek : This is an incredible display of strength and balance. On one finger....

Get the Best out of your Heavy Sessions

Progress slowed? Time to kickstart things.

No Hold Bars Contest

Think your balance is pretty good? Try this.

5 of the Best Exercises for All-Round Strength

If your leg press is out of this world but you can't do a pull-up with your own bodyweight, how strong are you really?

The Importance of Perfect Reps - Part One

The thinking behind practice.

Kirby's Korner - November 2007

The beauty of outdoor training.

Card Tearing Anyone?

Good fun.

Report from the Big Seminar Part I: Lecture Notes

A wonderful return.

How to Maintain a Healthy Brain

Look after it.

Core Exercises That Really Work

Headstand with a twist.You heard this term over and over again; core exercises. Now what the heck is the core?

One-Armed Handstand Push-Ups

An amazing display of strength and balance.

How I Learned to Love Multi-Joint Exercises

Great suggestions.

29 Things to do with a Barbell in the Corner

Time to get creative.

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