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Deconstructing Hanging Windshield Wipers

Why? How? When?

From the archives : Structural Balance Test

Measure your progress.

From the archives : The Step-up - A Real Squat Alternative?

Definitely time to give it a go.

Mario McKenna Sensei on The Applied Karate Show

Great interview.

Technology and Fitness - the Nintendo Wii

This is the third article (1, 2) in this month's series on Technology and Fitness (a collaboration with Run to Win's Blaine Moore) - the Nintendo Wii.

For Those Who Lift Alone : Bench Press 'Off Helper'

What do you do when you need a hand lifting the bar off the hooks?

Yoga Keeps You On Your Toes

Quite literally.

John Evans, Headbalancer


Home-Made T-bar rower

Gary Chandler is very much part of the growing network of DIY equipment enthusiasts. His latest creation, a home-made T-bar row machine, is superb. Over to Gary for a few details about its construction : I used an old spin-on...

Farmers Walk bars

The DIY Equipment competition keeps growing. As promised, Clay Johnson has completed his Farmers' Walk bars (for only $10, I might add). Here's how they were put together (from Clay) : I made a set of Farmer's Walk Bars for...

Formula for a Balanced Life

British neuropsychologist Dr David Lewis has developed a 'formula for a balanced life' that anyone can use to calculate their current status (and what needs to be changed). The formula considers such factors as time spent at work, commuting, exercising,...

DIY Equipment Ideas

Stuck for ideas? Try these.

Heavy Sandbag Training : Part I

Building the Sandbags.

Pistol Assistance

Much more difficult than you might imagine.

Chin-Up Routine

Working up to the OAC.

York Handbalancing Course

Via Grip Training Obsession : a 1940s York Handbalancing course. Very nice....

Dumbbells vs Kettlebells (DB vs KB)

Dumbbells.Kettlebell.There's an interesting discussion on the Dragon Door forums on the merits of dumbbells vs kettlebells. Here are some of the subtle differences when training with these superb tools.

Balance and control

More video action, this time coming via the Diesel Crew : Rodney Mullen skateboarding [streaming, 5.4mb .flv via KeepVid]. Now that's impressive....

20 of the Best : Fitness Blogs

Where do you start? Try these.

Sunday Bloggy Sunday

Some great weekend reading.

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