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Fuel and Rest

What, why and how.

Wall Squat

Great exercise.

Making the Client Bulletproof

An article by Leith Darkin is always worth a good read (if not several), and Making the Client Bulletproof [.pdf, 700kb] is no exception. 'Bulletproof' is actually a compilation of three articles written by Darkin over the years, and looks...

The Step-up : a Real Squat Alternative?

A possible addition to your leg training arsenal.

Seven Keys to Athletic Success

Alwyn Cosgrove looks at a basic template for a well-balanced training routine. There's a lot more to it than resistance training and a little cardio....

One-Armed Push-Ups

Good fun.

Kettlebell Rowing

One arm push-up kettlebell row.Despite Sydney being in a severe drought at the moment it seems to have been raining a bit lately. During a brief sunny period I grabbed the kettlebell and raced outside. Having said that, here are a couple of simple KB exercises that can easily be done inside. Safe from inquisitive dogs who haven't yet formed an opinion on the strange black thing with a handle.

More on the Total Gym

If you've somehow managed to avoid the Total Gym infomercials featuring the well-known faces of Chuck Norris and Christie Brinkley, the photo at left should give you an idea of the basic arrangement. It's essentially an inclined bench (with a...

The Lost Art of Overhead Pressing

How much? Time to find out.

2005 : A Summary

My take on lifting in 2005.

On Your Marks...

The handstand pushup progression.


I've noticed lately that my workouts are getting slightly shorter - though certainly not lighter. This gradual increase in intensity seems to be taking precedence over volume, and that feels about right for this time of year. Especially coming into...

One-Legged Deadlift

This is definitely one to try out when no-one's looking - especially if your balance is anything like mine. As the name suggests, this is a normal two-handed deadlift, with the only difference being that only one foot is in contact with the ground at any time. And no, resting the other foot on top of the first is not allowed.

Getting Hip to It

I've got to do something about my lack of hip drive - it's undoubtedly doing nothing for my squat and probably helping my deadlift by the same amount. Preceding tonights RDLs were a few sets of highly explosive Dimel Deadlifts; absent for a while but set to make a bit of a comeback.

Weighted Chin-Up Test

New PR.

Structural Balance Test

How much?

The Green, Green Grass of Home

Back in Edinburgh, and back to regular training.

More Detail

Following on from a couple of recent comments over on The Reinvention Tour, here is a little more detail on my current diet:

From Side to Side

Chin-ups, that is.

Finding a Balance

Cleaning up.

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