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Quicker off the Box

Box Squats. They're taking a bit more getting used to than I'd hoped, but after moving through 11 reasonably quick sets (most of them triples) it's starting to feel a bit more natural sitting down in the middle of a movement.

Lets Twist Again

I've survived the first week following the switch from lifting 3 to 4 days per week, with no noticeable change other than the fact that things now feel somewhat more balanced now - upper vs lower body at least. Plenty of refining still to come. Today was a speed day, starting off with a few quick sets of deadlifts using lighter weights than usual; which I quickly discovered are far more exhausting than the idea first seemed. I still love the lift - I suspect it's something to do with picking heavy objects off the ground. A beautifully simple display of raw power. So as not to show too much favoritism in the hamstrings vs quads stakes, I decided to do a few sets of lunges to give the quads a chance to play. Supersetting front/rear lunges seemed like a good idea at first, until I realised just how much of a grip workout I was getting by doing them with dumbells. All part of the fun I guess. Now to the reason for the title of this post : Russian barbell twists. I've decided to limit the number of low-weight ab exercises, replacing most of them with heavier compound movements such as the bar twist. Another simple, effective exercise. Rounding things off was a quick (and I do mean quick - I dropped the weights a little in exchange for a little explosiveness) batch of calf raise/seated calf raise supersets. As with the speed deadlifts, much more tiring than the idea initially seemed.

Phase 1 Summary

The first 12 weeks of resistance work.

A Call to Arms

Yes, today was most certainly an arms day; with everything from the shoulders down to the fingertips getting a go. More on the pinch-gripping in a moment. First the routine : Quick ab workout - crunches and pikes, supersetted, 4...

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