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The Investments part IV : Two Brutal Drills to Punish the Arms

Stronger hands, stronger forearms.

Kettlebell Training for Grip Strength

Looking to add a kettlebell to your grip-training arsenal? Here's how.

Planche Nugget

Beast Skills' Jim Bathurst.Just noticed this nugget on the Bodyweight Culture Forums (login required), in a discussion on the Planche :

Do You Need Some Motivation?

Look after yourself.

Oh Ladies, Time To Start Strength Training...

Why, and how to get started.

Report from the Big Seminar Part I: Lecture Notes

A wonderful return.

Does This Muscle Make Me Look Fat?

Eat more? Quite possibly.

Women and Weight

No, Not the Kind You Worry About, the Kind You Pick Up. Or Should.

Looking After Your Bones

A great read.

Patellofemoral Syndrome or Pain under Kneecap

A great look at what is (unfortunately) a fairly common condition.

Lithium and Bone Healing

Interesting study.

DIY Equipment Competition : Let the Voting Begin

Ready to make your own? Great.

Home-Made Heavy Bag : Like Hitting a Real Opponent

No more wild swings.

Debut of the Stonebell

Stonebell.John Fike has completed the Stonebell, and given it a bit of a test run. Looks superb. And yes, it is part of the DIY Equipment competition. One of several great entries....

The Perfect Stonebell

It's a stone ... it's a kettlebell ... it's a stonebell. Great idea....

Entries for the Home-Made Equipment Competition

The official list.

TGIF : weekly round-up (WE Fri 16 Mar 07)

Outside it's nice and stormy; in fact it has been all week. Here at Straight to the Bar it's been just as hectic.

Jawbone Journal and the Low Budget Warrior

Check out the fitness blog of writer John E Fike, aka the Low Budget Warrior. A great mix of bodyweight, kettlebell and conditioning work....

Cheese Rolling

One of the more unusual events on the sporting calendar.

Luminetx VeinViewer

See a little deeper.

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